Where it all begins...

Made with unbleached 00 Ardent flour milled in Denver, Colorado. We let it ferment for 2 days to increase the sourness while also allowing it to fully hydrate which gives our pizza a blistered and chewy crust. Our dough is the closest you can get to authentic wood fire from our electric oven.

Made with Caputo Fioreglut’s award-winning gluten-free flour, which contains a wheat starch extract that gives the dough a similar texture and flavour you would find in our regular dough. We take gluten intolerance and allergies very seriously and believe that no one should be shortchanged on flavour because of it. In order to ensure the lowest possible risk of cross-contamination, we prepare gluten-free pizzas in a separate area of the kitchen and bake them on a dedicated stainless steel pan in a specific section of our oven at 400°C.

Made with Bianco DiNapoli organic tomatoes, we slow cook tomato paste and tamari soy to boost the rich umami flavours without adding any salt. Garlic and onions are slowly roasted and then everything is pureed with a borderline illegal quantity of basil and oregano, and the best tomatoes on the planet.

Our chicken wings are antibiotic and hormone-free.
We brine them in sugar and salt to give them their best flavour foot forward.
We cook them ‘sous vide’ using an immersion circulator to make them melt in the mouth and fall off the bone.
We use premium ingredients only, from local honey to homemade spice rubs and sauces.



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